Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wonderful World of Disney

So continuing the weekend in Tampa...
Sunday was my Birthday so we decided to celebrate in one of my favorite places...Disney World.
Hannah is super obsessed with princesses so Jason and I have been wanting to take her for so long and we figured we should take advantage of the free Birthday admissions!! Plus, Hannah and Kian can get in free until they turn 3.
We had such an amazing time. Hannah got to meet several of her princesses and was in heaven! She even got to ride lots of rides! It was hot and crowded but totally worth it!
Here are some pictures of the Mickey show we saw to kick the day off!

So Mickey was fun and all but then he introduced the "special guests"!!! I couldn't get the video camera out quick enough...but she was stoked!!!! Her first princess sighting!

Obviously, the princesses were not the highlight of Kian's day...Daddy and Hannah riding the Dumbo ride!
Meeting Belle at Belle's Story Time. This was the first princess Hannah met face to face. She was a little shy but she did great!
Our Most Miniature Mouseketeer!

Oh, the parade! I has SO much fun! I may have had more fun than the kids...
This is Hannah desperately trying to get Cinderella's attention! Luckily we were so close that she made eye contact and got a wave from almost every princess. You could tell she felt so special!!!
Waiting our turn to meet Ariel!!!!
By far my favorite pictures!!! She was trying so hard to be brave. I was proud of her for at least sitting on Ariel's rock with her by herself.
We waited to the very end to meet the rest of the princesses. On one hand I'm glad we did because we hardly had to wait at all. On the other hand, we had been in the park for about 9 hours by this time so Hannah was hot, sweaty, and exhausted!!!! She was a little more shy but she was still so excited!!!!!
William in Heaven!
Getting Belle's autograph!

Hannah was a little shy with Sleeping Beauty...
But not William! Check out the smooch he got from Belle! =)
Sorry for the picture OVERLOAD!!!! We had so much fun and I couldn't narrow them down any further!

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Lindsey Henig said...

OMG. I wish I could have come with you!!! I don't know what to say, I have so many comments on all the pictures!!! OOOOOO so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!