Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My crazy kiddos

This is just a general update. (Sorry in advance for the length) We had our first dual doctor's appointment yesterday. It went well all things considered. Hannah had to get her finger stuck and one shot. William had to get 1 oral immunization and 3 shots. Thankfully Jason was with me to manage the chaos. I have to admit, it was exhausting! It's never easy to see your children in pain. Luckily for Hannah, the doctors office is always followed by a chick-fil-a milkshake!
Hannah weighed in at 25 lbs!!! She is in the 25% for weight and 77% for height!
William was a healthy 10lb 15oz! He is right around the 50% for weight. Apparently he has already grown 3 and a half inches since birth. His doctor thinks he is going to be really tall!
They both checked out really well!
Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

What is a couch potato??? I think this pretty much sums it up!

This is a picture of Hannah when I went to get her from her nap. She is very particular about what she has in her bed with her. She has certain objects that must be in her bed before she will go to sleep. Its a good thing we put her in a full bed b/c she has more than a few of these treasured objects. You can see some of them in this picture. Her favorite objects include (but are not limited to) her 2-3 current favorite books, her life-size polar bear, all 7 of her baby dolls, her Braves hat, her red car, Baby Kate's car seat, all 3 pretend baby bottles, and a bouncy ball. I kid you not, she knows when 1 of those things are not in her bed at any given time. I have given up... As long as she sleeps I don't care what she has in her bed with her anymore. Believe it or not, she doesn't play with all of the stuff before she goes to sleep, just when she wakes up. Although the pictures don't show it, there is always a clear spot for her to lay down...

My happy little boy!!! Over the past couple of weeks, William has become super smiley! I promise its not just gas... He loves to be talked to and smiled at. He has this happy noise he makes too. I need to try and get it on video. He is doing extremely well. Hes trying to figure out his night time schedule. As of now he wakes up once during the night, usually around 3:30. Its not too bad because he goes right back to sleep but I am still ready for a full night's sleep!! Hopefully it will happen soon! Luckily hes got this smile that melts my heart, which makes depriving myself of sleep SO much easier! =)

And last but not least, my little miss. priss! She absolutely loves to play with her bike and her big red car. These days, however, she can't seem to ride on the bike or in the car unless she is equipped with sunglasses, purse, keys, bracelet, cell phone and lipstick. Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up.

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Laurel said...

Yay! She's wearing the I love AU shirt we gave her! And by the way, I don't drive without sunglasses, a purse, keys, lipstick, and a cell phone either!

William's smile melts your heart because it looks just like Jason's smile! Too cute.

Kristen said...

Isn't it funny how you don't have to teach little girls how to be 'little girls' and like 'little girl' stuff...they just do! You'll find the same thing with your little man....I'm sure he'll be all about cars, trucks, balls and anything with wheels.
It's weird how similar William and Luke seem. Even the picture of him smiling is the same face. And Luke is such a sweetie too...just melts my heart. Love seeing pics of your little blessings.
P.S. I always show Jackson Hannah's picture and tell him that is his future wife...she is just too cute!

amy said...

This is the second time that I've looked at the pictures on this post. Hannah's sunglasses & purse, etc are hilarious! I bet you are well entertained.