Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hannah's First Snow Day!

This is a few weeks late but I wanted to share Hannah's first time in the snow. I have more videos than still pictures which I will try and post soon!

When the snowflakes first started falling, Hannah was napping so I was scared she would miss it. Most of you know how often we get snow down here... By the time she woke up it was actually snowing harder so we got to go out and play in it. Little did we know, we would get more snow just a few days later!

Getting Bundled! She was not exactly a fan of this part...
First look at the snow. She pointed at every flake she saw. She loved the fact that Annie was getting white spots! You can see our dusting that we call "snow"! She really loved it! Notice the gloves did not last. What can I say? The child is just not used to being bundled!

A close-up of our snow bunny!

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shannon said...

Nora's first glance at your blog gave her a giggle; she said, "What's that? Oh, a snow bunny!" The kids and I are going to have a blast with this - laughing with Hannah, you and Jason. Thank you for sharing.