Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playdate for Tucker!

While I was pregnant with Tucker, I signed up to take some prenatal water aerobics classes. (If you are pregnant or have a newborn, check them out!!! Such fun classes and a great opportunity to meet other moms, just like you! ended up taking them for about 15 weeks, the last class actually being the night before my due date! The class was so much fun and I met some really fun girls through it! Of the 5 of us, 4 of us kept the gender a surprise! Believe it or not...Tucker was the ONLY boy!!! Not that hes complaining... He gets to be the stud muffin in a group of precious little girls! ;) We are trying to get together every once in a while. Here are the pictures from our meeting a few weeks ago. For our next meeting, we may leave babies behind and hold margaritas instead! :)
All of our babies!!!

All of the mommies with their cameras...hysterical!
Ghianna macking on T!

T showing some interest himself!
All of the careseats... Hard to imagine having quintuplets!!!

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