Saturday, January 10, 2009

Technologically challenged...

Thats something I never really thought I was but I have recently realized that the quickly evolving world of computers has surpassed me long, long ago.
In short, I have had several issues with my computer lately. First, my hardrive is JAM-packed full. As in I can't even upload a CD... Second, my Microsoft office just up and disappeared one day so now until its reinstalled, I can't open any attachments, pictures, word documents, installation software, etc... I also (to Jason's horror) currently have no security software on my computer. Who knew all of those pop up windows saying my computer was in grave danger were actually legit?
So...I got some security yesterday. I also received an awesome external hardrive for Christmas but I can't install it without Windows... Grandpa George is giving us the installation CD today so I should be up and running soon!
All this to say, I know I have a LOT to update on. Never fear, I will be back soon! (That is, if you have been checking and refreshing this site daily waiting for our Christmas update...) ;)
Be back soon!

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Kristen said...

I have been checking and waiting :) Was actually going to send you an e-mail to see what was going on! Can't wait to see what's been going on :)

The Johnsons said...

I have been waiting/stalking!!! Glad to know that there is a legit reason for you being a slacker! Ha... Like you don't have anything else to do but update your blog!

Love you! Liz