Monday, June 2, 2008

Big Girl Bed!!!

The transition to the Big Girl Bed has officially begun. We knew it was going to be a challenge because she has gotten pretty attached to her crib, but we didn't want to buy another crib and baby brother will need a crib here shortly so this is something we couldn't put off any longer. We have been reading books and snuggling in the big girl bed for a while now but she always wants to get in her crib to sleep. I knew we would have to get the crib out of her room before we could even start getting her to sleep in the big bed at night. So yesterday Jason took the crib apart and set it up in brother's room. Night #1 was better than I anticipated. She was pretty hysterical for a while but she finally fell asleep (on the floor with Jason) and we were able to move her into the bed without waking her. She slept until her usual time this morning and (after a slight struggle) took a 3 hour nap in her big bed this afternoon. I'd say so far we are on the right track. There is definitely some resistance but I think she will be fine by the time baby brother gets here.

Here are some videos and pictures of our bed time routine last night. It actually was our usual routine but we took pictures and videos because it was her first night sleeping in the big bed. The videos are kind of pointless but I thought you might like to see Hannah in action since I have yet to post any other videos! =) She was hamming it up for the camera while the video was being shot.


shannon said...

We are so proud of the big girl sleeping in her big girl bed. Yay, Hannah!

Anonymous said...

let me join you in your big girl bed we will have LOTS of fun