Friday, May 2, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Anyone who knows Hannah, knows that she is pretty much a girly-girl. She is very polite (for an almost 2 year old) and acts pretty dainty most of the time. The other day was not one of those times. As soon as Daddy got home she insisted on going outside and driving his truck. This consists of sitting in the drivers seat, making sure the door is closed and pushing all of the buttons she can reach while sticking the key in the ignition and "steering". While in the truck she found Daddy's hat and decided to wear it for the rest of the evening. Here are some pictures of her "Tom-boy" afternoon!
(Sorry most of the pictures are out of focus. We didn't realize until too late that the camera was on a funky setting...)
One BIG happy family! ...Minus Daddy and Sam, of course!

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